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 A Massage from the leader.

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Clan leader
Clan leader

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PostSubject: A Massage from the leader.   4/9/2012, 10:57 am

Hello, Everyone.

This is Burst, The clan leader, And im happily to tell you that Our clan, Unique gaming, Will be made since this day.

The clan will be Alliance of Valiant Arms clan, But it will hopefully expand to more games when more Members join.

Also, Our clan, Will has as it's own ranks, Badges, And all what you need to be proud of being a part of this clan.

Invite everyone you know, Friends, So we can have more members, And a Unique experience.

This clan will be built on Friendship, Fun.

The only problem that we had a clan, It got deleted due inactivity, Though, When the clan making page is working again, We will make it again.

Also, We will have our own TeamSpeak server soon, We will start with Raidcall first though.

I will start checking the applications starting now.

I will need Co-Leaders, Majors, And members.

Good luck, Hope the clan be up to your exceptions.

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A Massage from the leader.
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